Workflow Development

Workflow management includes finding redundant tasks, mapping out the workflow in an ideal state, automating the process, and identifying bottlenecks or areas for improvement

Visually model your business processes and workflows and define human interactions

With low-code you can build end-to-end, consumer grade applications that can automate the full process and address the necessary system or data integrations to make it all work

Prioritized and streamlined workflows

Your top priority workflows should be running at their best health. They should be lean, agile, and goal oriented there are subsidiary workflows running inside these primary workflows. They should be given the next priority and always be focused on serving their primary workflows. For example, creative request workflows of marketing should be prioritized behind the important sales workflows.


Regular monitoring and optimization

The only way to have highly efficient workflows is through optimization. Your first attempt at building a workflow, no matter how smart and data-driven it is, will still be inefficient. Workflows on paper are perfect and inhuman. Workflows that run in real-time are imperfect and human. An organization that runs on efficient workflows is equipped to tackle all business goals easily.


Integration with other cloud apps

Workflows don’t operate independently from other processes. Documents, sales reports, cash-flows, calendars, and contact details should all flow smoothly from your workflow tool to your CMS, calendar, email, financial software and more. your workflow management system isn’t incredibly easy to set up to integrate with other tools out there, it’s already outdated.


Role-based access control

Many workflows contain sensitive information that is not intended to be shared with everyone in the process. Every Workflow Management System should allow you to customize what each user can see and edit. Making a quick change to this part of the workflow should not break it or affect historical requests.