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To grow revenue and cut costs in a low-growth economic environment, operators are increasingly seeking ways to develop the mobile ecosystem.

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The traffic growth observed by several companies across different industries clearly displayed an increased reliance on connectivity and digital services. In response to this development, mobile operators and digital service providers adapted to changes in demand and demonstrated agility through accelerated channel shifts and enhanced digital capabilities.


Maintaining Stable Internet Connection


Better Connectivity for Emergency Services


Easier Payment Solutions and Data Incentives


Slicing the network to create new services and unlock revenue streams for enterprises

Drivers of mobile connection growth

Physical distancing measures placed restrictions on domestic and international travel causing businesses to change the way they hold meetings and networking activities, which resulted to a spike in mobile communication such as teleconferencing. Evidently, this has spurred the growth of mobile internet connectivity, leading to a demand for investments in network infrastructure and enhancements in its accessibility worldwide.


Social media, digital marketing, and streaming services see record boosts

The growth in social media and streaming services usage indicates that a higher proportion of consumers are turning to their mobile phones for ways to cope with the pandemic and the new normal. From online streaming services like Netflix, to social media such as Facebook, as well as online meeting platforms like Zoom, there has been a significant increase of daily and monthly active users.


Lockdowns escalated mobile gaming consumption

The self-isolation period during the pandemic also resulted in spikes in the gaming industry, which has become more appealing given that people are spending their time mostly staying at home and using more entertainment services. In times of crisis and anxiety, gaming has been proven to be one of The ways of escaping the uncertainties of reality, as noted by World Health Organization (WHO).


Moving forward: leveraging scalable platforms to simplify service integration

In its deployment phase, scalable platforms with simplified service integration will help accelerate digitalization through the automation complex and time-consuming tasks, thus improving workflow processes. This is to ensure important documentation is up to date and accurate, reduce time to market, and increase the quality of service deployments.


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